Testbase for MATs

When is the whole greater than the sum of its parts?
When you work with Testbase as a Multi-Academy Trust!

Testbase has been trusted by thousands of teachers for over 20 years. We’re known for our flexible resources and assessments that save you time and can deliver impactful results for your primary pupils.

We apply that same ethos to the way we work with Multi Academy Trusts. As Trusts grow they often find that individual schools have Testbase subscriptions. Aligning these into one MAT-level subscription covering all your schools makes sense. You keep all the flexibility of having individual users at school level whilst benefiting from the overview and collaboration features we can offer Multi Academy Trusts.

Are all your subject colleagues making the most of Testbase’s features?

Our question banks of high-quality SATs questions and ready-made resources are excellent for formative assessments and practice papers. They can also be used to support in-class discussions and teaching interventions.

Share assessment best practice from across your subject team easily using the short URL feature. This allows you to create documents once and share them with colleagues, thereby saving time and aligning assessments across your Trust. 

Testbase can also be used to support teacher CPD. Use the mark schemes and examiner remarks to understand common mistakes and gain insight into how marks are awarded. Perfect for CPD sessions, allowing you to develop a shared approach to marking and moderation.

We also offer a package of benefits for Academies and Trusts including early access to new features in product pilots, developing assessments tailored to specific schemes of work, and tailored CPD training for your team.

Are you making the most of economies of scale within your Multi-Academy Trust?

If the schools in your Trust have individual Testbase subscriptions that all renew at different times of the year it can be difficult to administer and budget for. It makes sense to bring all your Testbase subscriptions under one account.

We offer a tailored solution for MATs to help you to coordinate Testbase subscriptions across your Trust’s schools.  

Our Primary Team will review your existing Testbase subscriptions, identify gaps in the packages bought, and align renewal dates to reduce the admin burden on your team. We can discuss any potential economies of scale with you too. 

Termly tests needn’t cost the earth. Add our full suite of assessments for Years 2-6 to your subscriptions for less than you might think.

We also offer a package of benefits for Academies and Trusts including early access to new features, shaping product development, and tailored CPD training for your team.

Providing you with a complete assessment package

Our complete primary package is perfect for MATs. It gives you everything your team needs to identify gaps in pupils’ comprehension and plug the post-Covid attainment gap, allowing you to target interventions and prepare all your pupils for the SATs. The Testbase question bank, National Curriculum Tests and the MERiT insights and reporting tool combine to provide you with the complete primary assessment package.

How do your students compare against the average?

Population averages and rankings are available once enough marks are entered to provide a reliable benchmark dataset. They allow you to compare your pupils’ performance against the national population, giving you valuable insight on which to base teaching and learning decisions, and the transfer of best practice across the Trust.

“Testbase is fantastic for baseline and summative assessments. It also provides brilliant snapshot questions to use as starters and plenaries.”

– Hayley Nicholls, Year 5 teacher
Lime Academy Abbotsmede, Lime Trust

Speak to our MAT Primary Team about your Trust

If you would like more information about working with us as a MAT, Consortia or federation of schools or would like to discuss a bespoke package, please contact us via MAT@testbase.co.uk