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A cost-effective solution to your summative and ongoing formative assessments, gain instant access to our complete suite of downloadable tests for years 2 to 6.

Perfectly pitched, tried and tested by thousands of pupils, this comprehensive suite consists of termly/progress tests for reading, GPS and mathematics. Closely reflecting the style and format of the national curriculum tests, these summative assessments were developed to help teachers assess their pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the primary national curriculum.

For deeper insights into your pupils’ performance, enter your marks into MERiT, our powerful online reporting tool. Included FREE with your subscription.

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Reliable feedback

Each test is supported by MERiT, our reporting and insights tool, so you can confidently benchmark the performance of your pupils by comparison with the Testbase population. The tests are perfect for informing future planning because they identify pupils’ strengths and weaknesses enabling you to target interventions and routes for learning progression.

“A really good form of assessment and a way of tracking progress and gaps in knowledge for interventions.”

Building Pupils’ Confidence

We’ve designed our tests to reflect the style and format of the national curriculum tests and teachers tell us they appreciate their high quality and ease of use.

“Well-aligned to year group curricula, MERiT is extremely easy to use and questions prepare children for actual SATs”


Our tests are built to work alongside a wide range of approaches to assessment and reporting so there is no need for schools to change their scheme of work or strategy.

“Testbase is easy and quick to use, with excellent resources.”


MERiT takes your pupils’ marks and does the analysis for you. It generates class and individual reports enabling you to check your pupils are on track, produce reports for parents and feed data back into school management systems through the Excel download. MERiT also enables you to compare your school with others.

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“The most helpful aspect of the tests is that they allow you to compare outcomes for cohorts or individual children across a range of criteria not only with outcomes within the school but also with the population average for all schools who have submitted results.”

What’s included in the Testbase National Curriculum Tests

Autumn Spring Summer
Year 2
Reading & GPS
Spring tests with probability thresholds aligned to expected KS1 standards*
Year 3
Reading & GPS
These tests are designed to assess learning at the end of the first term.***

Our maths tests follow the White Rose SoW.

Our popular mid-year English tests combined with White-Rose aligned mathematics tests, designed to assess learning during the spring term
End of year tests – used by thousands of pupils, designed to assess curriculum coverage across years 3, 4 and 5**
Year 4
Reading & GPS
Year 5
Reading & GPS
Reasoning x2
Year 6
Reading & GPS
Reasoning x2
Progress tests with probability thresholds aligned to expected KS2 standards*
Year 6
Summer science assessments x2
End of year tests – designed to assess KS2 curriculum coverage

*The year 2 and year 6 Autumn/Spring papers come with guidance about the probability that pupils will attain the standard using scaled scores.

**The test thresholds for the Summer papers show the standard that pupils are required to reach at the end of each year if pupils are on track to reach the national standard at the end of key stage 2.

***Please note: Test thresholds are not currently available for these tests. Enter marks into our reporting tool (MERiT) to get detailed reports on class and pupil performance to help identify strengths and weaknesses as well as population comparisons.

Year 2 and 6 tests and the end of Year 3, 4, 5 tests were previously printed and distributed by Testbase and were also available under licence to OUP.

Easy-to-use online reporting and insights tool (MERiT), included FREE

The MERiT insights and reporting tool combines with the Testbase National Curriculum Tests to allow you to compare your pupils’ performance against the national population, giving you valuable insight on which to base teaching and learning decisions, and the transfer of best practice across your school or Trust.

MERiT comes with a mark entry app or spreadsheet for instant feedback and insights.

MERiT Mark entry app

Population averages are published when the means stabilise to give you reliable post-pandemic comparisons.

Please note, pupil details will need to be uploaded by an appropriate person in your school so that you, an administrator or TA can enter the marks.