Testbase National Curriculum Tests

To help teachers assess their pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the National Curriculum we developed a suite of valid and reliable tests covering years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 that have been used by thousands of primary pupils as printed tests.

For just £100 the entire suite is now available as a PDF download to Testbase subscribers.

What’s included

For Reading, GPS and Maths:

  • Year 2 Spring assessments
  • Year 3, 4 and 5 Summer assessments
  • Year 6 Autumn and Spring assessments
  • Year 6 Summer science assessments
  • Easy-to-use online reporting tool (MERiT)

We provide test thresholds for the Summer papers and guidance about the probability that pupils will attain the standard using scaled scores, for year 2 and year 6 Autumn/Spring.

Perfect for benchmarking results and informing future planning, these tests are:

  • Designed to reflect the style and format of the national curriculum tests
  • Proven high quality and designed to be easy to use
  • Ideal for identifying pupils’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Built to work alongside a wide range of approaches to assessment and reporting so there is no need for schools to change their scheme of work or strategy

Impactful reporting

Let MERiT, our reporting tool, do your data analysis. Class and pupil reports can be used for school data collection, feedback to parents and, most importantly, to help you focus on pupils’ next steps. You can print reports or use the Excel download.

Our reports can help you understand:

  • how your school compares with others,
  • pupils’ strengths and weaknesses,
  • where to target interventions,
  • routes for progression, and whether pupils are on track.