The making of Testbase

Testbase was formed by two teachers who, even in the early 1990s, realised that harnessing technology would make teaching and assessing much easier. They developed the first question bank used in schools so that teachers could dispense with filing cabinets of past papers, scissors and glue! GCSE and A-level databases for maths and sciences were soon followed by the National Curriculum Test (SATs) questions for English, Maths and Science.


In 1999 Testbase CD-ROMs were manufactured and circulated by QCA to schools inviting them to purchase the licence code for access.


In 2017 Testbase is online, completely updated and trusted by over 12,000 schools.

Our future

Whilst we continue to innovate and grow, we always ensure that the needs of teachers and education come first.

By teachers for teachers

Our team of assessment specialists draws upon a wide range of experience, bringing nationally and internationally recognised best practice to test development in consultation with practising teachers.

Unlike a business which sells products to teachers and distributes profits among shareholders, Testbase revenues are ploughed back into education.

Schools and teachers have been in the driving seat, guiding Testbase developments, for over 20 years