Mark Entry and Reporting Information Tool

Free with Complete Primary Package – the powerful online reporting tool that uses performance data wisely.

Designed for use alongside the Testbase National Curriculum Tests, MERiT provides schools with in-depth feedback about their pupils’ performance.

Track and benchmark performance at pupil, class, and school level. Improve teaching approaches and create consistency within your school, as well as across schools in MATs and federations.

Enter marks by question or by pupil and get instant feedback on performance in the Overview

  • Which questions were well answered across the class?
  • Which pupils are struggling?
  • What are the best next steps for teaching and learning?
  • Where will you target your intervention?
Enter marks

View the reports for in-depth feedback about pupil performance including population comparisons

Make individual, class and school comparisons with the MERiT population.

Mark entry
Reports overview

Obtain question-by-question analysis

  • Which questions did your pupils find easy / hard?
  • How does this compare to the MERiT population?
Question by question analysis

Individual pupil reports

  • Summarise performance by test and subject
  • View strengths and weaknesses by curriculum strand

Excel downloads allow easy comparison of demographic groups and integration of data with your school’s systems

Reports in Excel

Benchmarking Results

Test Thresholds and Standardised Scores

Standardised scores for the Testbase National Curriculum Tests are planned for the 2024/25 academic year.

Currently we provide the following information to help teachers benchmark results:

  • Probability of reaching the expected standard (for Year 2 and Year 6)
  • Test thresholds (for Years 3, 4 and 5 summer tests and Year 6 science)
  • MERiT population comparisons for all tests

What is the MERiT population?

Every year our MERiT users enter their pupils’ marks into our system. This means we have a population of thousands of pupils’ performance on each of our available tests for the current academic year.

Entering your pupils’ marks:

  • allows you to benchmark your pupils’ results against thousands of others in the same cohort;
  • contributes towards the MERiT total population, benefitting all schools.

Benefits of benchmarking

A test threshold and standardised score is useful, but it is never based on this year’s cohort, which might differ from previous years. The MERiT population mean score allows you to do just that – compare your pupils with others in this year’s cohort.

Basing your teacher assessment judgements on both the test threshold as well as the population mean score provides you with the most accurate picture of how your pupils are performing and progressing over time.

Date of release (MERiT population data)

Population data is released as soon as enough marks have been entered into MERiT so you can be confident that the results are statistically sound. You can get the best out of MERiT if you use the recommended testing windows and enter marks as soon as you are able as this ensures that the population analysis is both robust and available as soon as possible.