Past SATs papers

Testbase gives you instant access to an online bank containing thousands of refreshed national curriculum (SATs), optional and newly-commissioned test questions perfectly aligned to the KS1 and KS2 national curriculum.

You can save time using a range of search criteria including topic, standard and question type – thousands of questions: quickly find what you need when you need it. Create your own tailored tests, classroom activities and revision exercises in minutes.

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National curriculum tests 2003 – 2015

The tests below relate to the 2000/2004 curricula and are not entirely suitable for practice or preparation for tests of the 2014 curriculum. You are advised to use them with care.

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Testbase saves you time and you can be confident that the questions are pitched at the correct level. It allows you to precisely assess specific areas of the curriculum.

Antoni Biedka, Assistant Head

“The flexibility of the search function is worth the price alone. Being able to easily find assessment questions which target specific areas is very, very useful.”

– Chad Wilson, Head of School