“Real fluency combines a deep conseptual understanding with an ability to recall accurately and rapidly. It is not just repeating back the fact. It is about flexibility – efficiency – accuracy.” (Susan Russell, 2000).

Filled with over 7,000 questions that are all deeply rooted in knowledge of the times tables, the aim of this question bank is not only to test knowledge of times tables but to extend the application of them.

We aim to:

  • Build pupil confidence and fluency in their times tables knowledge;
  • Embed understanding and develop flexibility through application in context;
  • Help pupils make links between different areas of mathematics.

Included are a wide range of calculations that require children to recall and make use of their times tables facts and a variety of questions and problems from different yet related areas of mathematics.

Perfect for all year groups, quickly create documents that can be used for revision, worksheets, tests or quizzes.

Our simple search tool enables teachers to create differentiated and bespoke documents in minutes.