Created by our curriculum and assessment experts, whiteboard guided reading is designed to help you explore reading texts with your pupils to facilitate deeper thinking and develop reading skills.

Ideal for use on the interactive whiteboard, this resource enables you to:

  • Display and answer comprehension questions on screen;
  • Annotate the texts with teaching comments and highlights prior to and/or during the lesson;
  • Record pupil responses and ideas as discussions unfold; a great way of evidencing pupil progress without hassle;
  • Collaborate with your colleagues and prepare comments and highlights for different texts.

As these texts have been sourced from our reading question banks, you can easily create and print guided reading resources that complement this resource for use as part of independent learning. For some texts, we have also included some notes in the reading question banks that can aid the creation of guided reading lesson plans.

Perfect for whole-class guided reading or for use with small groups as part of guided reading and/or intervention on the interactive whiteboard or iPads/tablets.