White Rose and Maths Mastery aligned

Compiled by our curriculum and assessment experts, these end of topic review tests help teachers to check children’s progress and understanding of each aspect of the mathematics curriculum.

Aimed at Years 2, 3, 4 and 5, each set of questions is designed to complement either:

  • the White Rose scheme of work or, alternatively,
  • the maths mastery whole school plan.

The ‘tests’ can be used for end of topic, summative assessments, or in a variety of other ways, for example:

  • individual questions can be worked on within lessons (individually, in pairs or as a whole class);
  • selected questions (or the whole topic test) could be used as a homework task;
  • the previous year’s topic test could be used before teaching to gauge children’s understanding prior to the topic being taught.

All of the questions in these tests have been sourced from our reasoning question banks.

In addition, we have created some compilations for extension and challenge. We recommend that these are used to extend ‘fast finishers’ or children working at greater depth. Sometimes the content of these questions goes beyond that which they are expected to know, but mostly the questions probe a deeper understanding of the work covered.