Valid and reliable printed tests covering years 3, 4 and 5 with a web-based marking and reports system showing individual and class attainment and progress towards national standards.

High quality

Produced by assessment experts for the new national curriculum

Great value

From as little as 70p per paper our printed optional tests give your pupils the opportunity to demonstrate their true understanding.

Reporting progress

Ideal for identifying strengths, weaknesses and progression through key stage 2

The tests are specifically designed to be used at the end of the year alongside a wide range of approaches to assessment and reporting so there is no need for schools to change their scheme of work or strategy.

High quality test papers including:

  • Reading source booklet and answer booklet
  • Grammar and punctuation paper
  • Spelling paper
  • Reasoning paper(s)
  • Arithmetic paper
  • Teacher’s guide containing answers and marking guidance

NEW! Year 6 Progress Tests

Developed by assessment experts, Year 6 progress tests are designed to give teachers reliable and standardised information to:

  • identify aspects of the curriculum that require whole class revision
  • support effective booster classes;
  • review progress towards the end of key stage 2 using raw and scaled scores in line with the new national standards;
  • facilitate differentiated teaching and personalised learning;
  • enable targeted teaching and less general test practice.

Using effective assessment resources and strategies provides more time for rich teaching and learning in year 6.