“An essential tool for assessment”

98% of teachers we surveyed said that Testbase is an essential tool for assessment and would recommend it to other teachers. Here’s just a few of them…

“I use Testbase for tests, for diagnostic assessment, for end of unit assessments, for homeworks, for differentiation, to give pupils a chance to apply what they have learned, as lesson starters and plenaries. It is a most useful tool.”

Nick Wood, Assistant Head, St Egwin’s CE Middle School

“For the first time ever at Rosebrook, all but one of the pupils in the booster group achieved their level 5 with the remaining pupil missing it by just one point. This was down to the innovative and focused way we used Testbase!”

Eddie Huntington, Deputy Head, Rosebrook Primary School

“We are easily able to tailor questions to the different learning needs of our pupils thus saving us time and energy in planning and preparation of lessons – we love it!”

Gilly Condon, Deputy Head, The Hermitage Junior School

“We use Testbase for 101 different reasons – as an assessment tool or for homework activities, as an exemplar at the start of the lesson or sometimes or as an extension activity at the end.

Whenever a child needs to ‘see’ the question and actually physically work it out with a teacher then Testbase is excellent when using it in conjunction with the interactive whiteboard.

We have even used Testbase during INSET with staff.

Being able to search and locate questions on a particular topic plus at variant levels of difficulty is invaluable – what would take hours of research is completed within minutes.”

Leanda Taylor, Deputy Head, Fairlop Primary School

“Since using the reading resources on Testbase, I have found that the children are much more engaged during their sessions, being actively involved, wanting to use the interactive features and look forward to the following week, particularly wanting to know what the extract or short story will be. I believe Testbase will be a vital tool, not only in helping to improve our reading results but developing essential reading skills in children across the school.”

Tracey Baptiste, Leader of Year 5 and 6, Shenley Primary School

“Testbase saves me time as it means that the short revision programme we run is targeted at those questions that are most likely to come up in the test. Since we started using Testbase in this way we have seen a significant improvement in both our relative attainment and progress outcomes at Key Stage 2.”

Jake Daykin, Headteacher, Hooe Primary Academy